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Specialists in the supply of Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium Windows & Doors

We are specialists in the fabrication of aluminium windows to suit all types of designs, sight-lines and profiles. We have built our business on being leaders in fabricating windows with fast lead times.

Our in house manufacturing means we shave costs to pass on to you. Yes bi-folding doors are popular but our background is aluminium windows to suit all types of projects from traditional vertical sliding windows to modern slimline or even frame-less windows.

From steel style look doors & windows to double glazed windows our range is varied enough to compliment or finish off any of your glass projects. 

Contact us now to get a quote for the supply of windows for your next project. There is no minimum order so if you need 1 or 1000 windows, black aluminium windows or a completely out there colour we will still be able to pass on great discounts for out high quality SMARTS aluminium window & door ranges to YOU.

Window Range: About

Aluminium Window & Door Range

Aluminium windows and doors for all your requirements

Fastrac Profiles is committed to providing a range of aluminium windows & doors for your home or living space that suits your requirements and needs. Traditional, contemporary or modern all our aluminium window & door range is thermally broken with amazing thermal properties meaning you benefit from keeping the warmth in on those cold winter months.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply different styles, profiles and looks no matter what your requirements. Our team are always here to help no matter what your aluminium window or aluminium door requirements so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your options or have a particularly difficult requirement or need.

SMARTS Alitherm Heritage  Front View Win
SMARTS VS600 Aluminium Sliding sash wind
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SMARTS Steel Look Heritage Windows & Doors

Ideal for Victorian and Art Deco projects

Designed and developed the Alitherm Heritage ranges specifially to meet the requirements of refurbishment and renewal projects, particularly in sensitive planning areas. Ideal for Victorian and Art Deco projects to give the  aluminium windows and doors the steel style look. The range of commercial and residential windows and balcony doors are already proven in a wide range of renovation, refurbishment and heritage projects which requires aluminium steel look  doors and windows across the UK.

I want steel look aluminium  windows and doors for my home!

SMARTS VS600 Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Featured Item

A traditional sash window that may be used in heritage and conservation areas where Georgian and Victorian architecture is predominate. The ease of operation and excellent natural ventilation rates means that VS600 is also suited to high occupancy buildings.

The window offers a flush opening with no projection into or out of the building. As well as the vertical sliding sash, VS 600 features a ‘tilt in’ operation that facilitates the cleaning of the external glass. VS 600 windows also feature concealed drainage and a concealed coupling option.

Want this for your building?

Frameless Windows

Uninterrupted Views with our Frameless Windows

Do you require a glazing system that gives you more glass and less aluminium window frame? We can supply you an aluminium window range with slim sight lines that can be hidden to give you amazing panoramic views but retain the thermal values. Enjoy your views but stay warm inside away from the elements.

This is a great way to open up and maximise the potential of any room, giving it the wow factor whenever anyone comes into a room. The endless light and feeling of openness can transform your kitchen, living area or even bedroom. To compliment the frameless window we recommend our range of sliding doors.

I want to open up my space

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Contemporary home aluminium windows and

Corner Windows

Specialists in the supply of corner window systems

Available as either a framed or frameless look. Finish off any room or extension with a beautiful full floor to ceiling aluminium corner window. Like the frameless aluminium window this allows light in where you did not think was possible. With Fastrac almost anything is possible and we pride ourselves on being able to supply a strong, well constructed corner aluminium window for your project which is complimented perfectly with our range of Bifolding doors.

Double glazed, thermally efficient window giving you a look that will amaze whilst you enjoy the full benefits of a thermal window that maximises all the that your garden or views have to offer.

I want a corner window for my next project

Shaped & Arched windows

Experts in shaped windows

Arches, Triangular, Apex? Have you got a shaped space for an aluminium window or above a door? Our team can help you with most shapes and sizes. Benefiting from full thermal properties we can help you design a window that can fit into the most awkward of openings.

Our close relationship with experts in the aluminium bending industry allow us to not only offer a service and standard of the highest quality but you take advantage of fast lead times meaning minimal delay to your projects. Fastrac has years of expertise and knowledge to ensure we can offer you the best advice going forward.

Contact us to discuss your shaped window designs

Other Aluminium Window & Door Requirements

Don't see what you need?

If you cannot see what you are after do not worry. We have a range of products that will suit the vast majority of architectural and design requirements.

This is just a small list of the aluminium windows and doors we can offer so feel free to get in touch or send us over your drawings or other information you think may be helpful.

We will be very happy to offer advice to ensure your project dream becomes your dream home reality.

We would love to hear more about your project

Thermal Break for aluminium windows and

Why choose Aluminium Windows & Doors?

Delivering improved thermal effiiency and long-life performance

Our Aluminium for window and door range provides a modern light-weight, high-strength and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel window and door systems, offering a wide range of benefits:


Increased Lifespan

Because aluminium does not rust or rot, window frames provide great longevity and can last indefinitely. This also means that the aluminium windows have the longest lifespan of any window framing material, with typical replacement periods of 40 years– compared to a typical 35 year replacement period for steel, PVC and timber.(Source: BRE British Research Establishment)

Man Drinking Water

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Save money on your fuel bills

Modern aluminium windows and doors are thermally-broken using polyamide, an excellent insulator which helps to insulate windows against heat loss. The thermal conductivity of polyamide is 160 times better than steel, which for a typical terraced house would provide a saving of around £95 each year in fuel costs. In addition to these energy savings, the polyamide also raises the internal temperature of a house, helping to reduce the risk of condensation.(Source: GGF Energy Saving Calculator)

Window Cleaning

Reduced Maintenance

Keep Things Simple

Maintenance for aluminium windows and doors is simple and straightforward, with a routine ‘wipe-clean’ all that is required to keep the aluminium windows and doors looking their best. With no requirement for re-painting or re-varnishing, aluminium windows and doors will never fade, deteriorate or rust, even in harsh environments, such as coastal locations, where steel windows can be particularly prone to rust, requiring regular maintenance and eventually, replacement. For example, the Sully Hospital overlooking the Bristol channel, the building’s original steel window frames became heavily corroded and covered in rust. These were then replaced with aluminium window frames with a marine grade polyester powder coating to provide long-life performance with minimal maintenance.


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