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Smarts Designer Door

Made by us...designed by you

Make it Smart


Bringing you peace of mind with the most secure doors From traditional Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian designs to contemporary chic.


Smart Designer Doors offer a wide range of designs, colours and styles for you to choose from. Whichever door suits your home, you can be sure of its outstanding performance, with high-quality locking mechanisms and precision construction combining to give unbeatable strength and security.


The choice of glazing and door furniture will have a major impact on the overall appearance of your door. We have a wide choice of fixed side, or head-light glazing combinations, as well as single or double door configurations to make sure the design is just right for your home. Finally, our extensive range of colours guarantees the perfect finishing touch.


Start Designing Your Door Now

Design your door with our simple to use tool below and create that stunning entrance that you have always wanted. Simply submit and we will get back to you with a quotation it is that simple!

Let your imagination run wild...

Designer Door Configuration
Smarts Designer Front aluminium Doors-Ma


Every door is manufactured by our specialist Smart fabrication team, so whatever the weather, you can be certain that your door has been engineered to last

.• 3 adjustable hinges and resistant to 80kg of pressure.

• 66mm triple glazed and laminated glass units.

• All profiles include a polyamide thermal barrier that enhances thermal performance.

• Thermally efficient -with a ‘U’ value from 0.9 W/m2K to 1.1W/m2K, dependant on the glass specified.

• Double-rebated EPDM centre gaskets provide maximum weather protection.


In developing the new Designer Doors range, your safety and peace of mind have been at the heart of all our design decisions.

We specified the best materials and selected only the highest quality fittings to ensure that your new door provides a high level of security.

Here are some of the features that are incorporated into each Designer Door.

  • Door sashes sit flush internally and externally with the outer frame for an elegant finish.

  • A high security 10-point lock and escutcheon plate system, with drill proof ‘anti-bump’ cylinder, is fitted as standard.

  • Block door’ construction incorporates a totally hidden sash and fixing system for added security.

  • Door sashes sit flush internally and externally with the outer frame for an elegant finish.

  • The lock body is encased and protected by the hidden door sash and external aluminium skin, creating an additional 5mm aluminium external wall.

  • An integrated, enclosed glazing panel prevents the need for glazing beads –which provides maximum protection against ramming and forced entry.


A secure 10-pointlocking system to give you and your family that peace of mind

Smarts Designer Aluminium Front Door-Mot
Designer Doors - Lifestyle-Finishing Tou


Our design team selected a range of door furniture that would match the quality and performance of the Designer Door, while at the same time complementing its elegant good looks.


The range spans from traditional to ultra-modern design, with lots in between, enabling you to carefully select the right accessories to complement your chosen door style.


Our high-quality door furniture will provide that elegant finishing touch


Our unrivalled range of colour options provides inspiration for all types of properties. Options range from traditional white to pastel shades of blue, through to vibrant reds and greens.


Our Sensations and Cotswold colour options offer a unique textured finish. And of course, the door can be supplied in a dual-colour format, with the inside and outside, or outer frame and door sash specified in different colours.


With a huge range of colour options, you can choose the perfect shade for your house, whether you want to match an existing colour, or to make a real design statement with a striking contrast.


This unwavering attention to detail extends to the quality of your door’s hardware and locking mechanism –and of course to the final lustrous finish, which is applied with meticulous care.


Each door then receives a final quality inspection, before it is ready to leave our factory and be delivered to you, with pride.


Our complete range includes our Naturals, Sensations and Alchemy collections, as well as the all new Classic range of ever-popular, vibrant colours (pillar box red, sunshine yellow etc) and the Cotswold colour palette, developed specifically to suit traditional projects in conservation areas.

Designer Doors - Lifestyle
Designer Doors - Lifestyle image_0007 -


The choice of glazing will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your door and so we have a wide choice of fixed side &/or head light glazing options, to make sure the design is just right for your home.


The triple glazed, laminated units that are fitted as standard to each door provide a perfect combination of security, thermal performance, energy efficiency and of course, elegance.


Speak to us to find out about the range of clear, frosted, patterned and coloured options available

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