How much do aluminium windows and doors cost? Are aluminium windows and doors expensive?

Updated: Jan 22

These are just a few questions we are asked regularly. The answer requires further information about your requirements for the aluminium windows or doors to answer.

At Fastrac Profiles we want to make sure that you are getting the best aluminium products for your window and door requirements and to save you money and time when it gets to the point of ordering. There are many different profiles and performance in the windows and doors we supply. Each has benefits for the use they are required in your home or business.

When you are searching for new aluminium windows or doors you may want to ask yourself a few questions before looking for potential suppliers that can meet your needs.

- How much do I want to spend on new aluminium windows or doors? What is my budget?

-Where are the aluminium windows and doors being installed? Are the windows and doors being installed in my home or business?

-What kind of look do I want to achieve? Do I want slim aluminium profiles or a bulkier profile?

-Do I want double glazed or triple glazed units?

These are just some examples of things to think about when looking to source aluminium windows or doors and there may be many other questions that will need to be answered. If you have a think about the examples given above it will help you get the products that you need quicker and save you money when your requirements are identified.

Aluminium windows and doors are more expensive than uPVC windows but the additional cost is negated by the long term advantages over uPVC products.

Aluminium is superior in respect of strength which means they can hold larger panes of glass without the worry of bowing and bending. This means you can have more glass and less profile so you can take advantage of the views of your garden as well as opening up your room to make it look more spacious as it allows a lot more light to enter your rooms.

Aluminium windows and doors also have a longer lifespan than other products and a lot less maintenance is required to keep them working for years to come. All products are powder-coated which give the profile an extra layer of protection against the elements, are easy to clean and the colour does not fade as extremely as other painted products. This allows you to sit back and relax once installed.

Aluminium windows and doors have fantastic thermal properties which means cold air stays out and warm heat is retained in winter months and vice versa in the summer months (When we do see them!!) The advantage of this for you is that it actually means you save money in the long term as you are spending less on heating your home or cooling as your gas or electric bills are reduced. Also when it comes to selling your home the energy rating is improved meaning you could potentially take advantage of this when it comes to your asking price.

You are not limited on design when it comes to awkward openings or spaces that require something different to give your property the WOW factor! At Fastrac Profiles we specialise in arches, apexes, corner windows or curved windows that other companies may not offer. All this means tat you do not have to be limited on choices so you can let your imagination go wild! (Within reason!!)

To help you save money on your new windows and and doors Fastrac Profiles fabricate all windows and doors in house meaning quicker lead times for you and the money you do save can be spent on other items for your property. Maybe that new television? or those luxury tiles for the bathroom? or even save for a break away when we we get out of this lock down?

Yes Aluminium windows and doors are more expensive than uPVC products but the advantages far outweigh the initial investment with just a few of the points mentioned above.

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